Privacy is important, but most privacy policies are impenetrable jargon.

Sales for Nerds is owned by Mimiran, LLC. If you are using the Mimiran CRM, you can see the privacy policy for Mimiran here.

This Mimiran privacy policy attempts to explain how Mimiran uses personal information, what information Mimiran collects, how you can opt-out, and how Mimiran users and customers can use Mimiran to comply with GDPR.

Changes to this policy will appear at this web location from time to time, as needed.

About Sales for Nerds

Sales for Nerds is a community site, including a forum, online courses, and a podcast.

Data Controllers and Processors

When you visit a Mimiran website, use Mimiran software, either as a user or prospect of Mimiran, Mimiran acts as both the data controller and data processor.

When you interact with Mimiran as the prospect, customer, or client of a Mimiran user, that user is the data controller, and Mimiran is the data processor.

Data Collected About Web Visitors

If you visit a Sales for Nerds web page, Sales for Nerds tracks basic analytics, including browser and device information– a standard way to evaluate and improve website performance. This information may be collected by third parties, such as Google Analytics.

Data Collected About Community Users

If you log in to the community site, Sales for Nerds has your email address, by definition. The site may also store your name. The site also tracks the IP address of requests to the system, and information about the browser or device used. This is to understand usage of the system to provision resources effectively, and to make sure that your experience is good on your system.

In the event of a valid subpoena or other lawful demand from authorities, Mimiran LLC may furnish information to those authorities, as needed and/or to attorneys or other parties necessary to protect you and/or Mimiran LLC.

As part of providing the Mimiran service, Mimiran tracks prospects’ activity in the application, including IP address, browser, and device information. This may involve your information being stored or processed by other parties’ systems, including analytics systems to measure application usage, performance, or general effectiveness. 

In the event of a valid subpoena or other lawful demand from authorities, Mimiran may furnish information to those authorities, as needed and/or to attorneys or other parties necessary to protect you and/or Mimiran.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

Sales for Nerds uses cookies and other tracking technologies to make the service easier to use, more visitor friendly, and for analysis to understand usage and make the application better. You can disable cookies via your browser settings, although this will mean a degraded experience as both a user and a prospect in some cases.

Legal Basis for Processing

By its very purpose, the community site involves user information and discussion. People can listen to the podcast without disclosing any personal information.

Data Protection Rights

If you are a member of the community site, you act as the data controller, and you have the power to:

  • Correcting or requesting your personal information.
  • Requesting the deletion of  your data or halting data processing (as long as such a request does not violate other requirements, such as financial or contractual obligation, such as if Mimiran stores a proposal or contract signed by you).
  • You have the right to complain to the appropriate data protection authority.

Note that the data processor is a third party platform.

Data Security and Location

Sales for Nerds uses appropriate and reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction, taking into account the risks involved in the processing and the nature of the Personal Information. 

For the community site, it is the user’s responsibility to use strong passwords and prevent unauthorized use of that login information.

Sales for Nerds processes information in the United States, but may decide to process information in other locations, as needed to properly run the service.

Questions and Concerns
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