Sales for Nerds Episode List

46: Reuben Swartz (hey that’s me) on what I’ve learned this decade
45: Meg Cumby on effective client testimonials
44: John Livesay (again) on better selling through storytelling
43: Oscar Trimboli on Deep Listening
42: Aaron Ross returns again for an updated view on From Impossible to Inevitable (Predictable Revenue
41: Laura Briggs on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the busy small business owner
40: Steve Benson on Successful Sales Meetings
39: Sean McCool on the W.O.R.D. copywriting method
38: Liston Witherill on growing Beyond Referrals
37: Rick Middlemass on Sales Psychology
36: Craig Elias on Trigger Event Selling, the right types of words, and more…
35: Joy Beatty on Engineering the Sales Process
34: Terry Hansen on preventing objections in the sales process
33: Vanessa Van Edwards on the Science of Succeeding with People
32: Michael Zipursky on the Elite Consulting Mind
31: Rusty Shelton on Authority Marketing and Writing a Book
30: David A. Fields on creating an irresistible consulting practice
29: Stella Orange on authentic marketing
28: Maurice Cherry escapes dystopia, starts a firm, and offers content marketing tips
27: Justin Foster goes from ranching to sales to spiritual branding.
26: Chris Wike isn’t allowed to sell the way most people do, but he has a killer networking strategy that you should immediately copy.
25: Christina Bell accidentally learns to sell, starts training sales reps, and shares her philosophy of sales as a sorting exercise.
24: Bryan Payne learns to sell in elementary school, gets kicked out of school, starts several companies, and runs 12 Iron Man triathlons.
23: Rohan Kale escapes the grind (and worse), learns German, starts a company, and travels the world
22: Laura Roeder on starting 3 businesses
21: Michael Katz on being a likeable expert
20: Aaron Ross on going From Impossible to Inevitable
19: Brennan Dunn on sales without selling and the benefits of a classical education
18: Ben Seigel on website planning.
17: Anil Dash on bus-proofing your sales.
16: Maura Thomas on managing your attention.
15: Jill Konrath on how to sell more in less time.
14: Marylou Tyler on Predictable Revenue and Predictable Prospecting (coming from a systems engineer).
13: Reuben Swartz on how to price.
12: Caleb Sidel on picking a technical niche and selling without selling.
11: Brian Spross on what you need to know about legal stuff.
10: Scott Ingram on going from network engineering to Sales Success.
9: Matthew Pollard on learning how to sell as an introvert.
8: Erik Luhrs on using positioning to create an emotional connection with prospects.
7: Ash Maurya on how you can use “lean startup” techniques to lower risk and increase sales.
6: “The Pitch Whisperer”, John Livesay, on how to craft (and deliver) a compelling pitch.
5: Master Sommelier June Rodil on wine, customer service, delegation, and more.
4: Joe Williamson with a killer trick for pricing new offerings and more.
3: Adam Boyd on why engineers have an advantage learning sales process.
2: Jason Cohen on selling as a tech person against larger companies (Part 2)
1: Jason Cohen on selling as a tech person against larger companies (Part 1)

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