Sales for Nerds Episode List

Note that the audio in some of the early episodes is not exactly, umm, professional. If you hate it, skip to some of the later ones where I add a professional editor…

96: Tim Hyde on geting organized with a CRM
95: Steve Ramona on Doing Business with a Servant’s Heart
94: Meridith Grundei on Effective Speaking
93: Alistair McDermott on becoming a Recognized Authority
92: Reuben Swartz on the 2 Step Sales Process for Consultants
91: Rachel Nigro on treating your body well for optimal performance
90: Erica Holthausen on turning expertise into authority by publishing in magazines
89: Rochelle Moulton on not avoiding conversations as you build your authority
88: Bridget Hom on hiring and firing the right mental team
87: Kevin Whelan on selling your expertise, not your labor
86: Richard White on Taking Good Notes
85: Tom Jackobs on selling through storytelling
84: Steve Buzogany on Client Appreciation
83: Wayne Mullins on Full Circle Marketing that gets results
82: Jay Kingley on Optimizing Referability
81: Michael Roderick on getting people to talk about you when you’re not in the room
80: Franklin Taggart on Creating a Creative Business
79: Mark Firth on YouTube video marketing
78: Michael Buzinski on doubling your revenue with the rule of 26
77: Jonathan Stark on ditching hourly billing
76: Corrie Loguidice on starting a new consulting business
75: Julie Brown on networking the right way
74: Cynthia Zhai on your voice effectively
73: Ashley DePaulis on being a kinder, gentler boss to your body
72: Rick Terrien on starting a business at any age
71: Melisa Liberman on moving from an employee mindset to an owner mindset
70: Liz Steblay on starting your independent consulting business
69: Will Russell on getting clients as an introvert
68: 2022 Strategic Planning for Business and Life
67: Shaily Hakimian on how to be unforgettable
66: Sarah Elkins: your stories don’t define you, how you tell them will
65: David Newman on marketing for consultants
64: Michelle Tillis Lederman on forging genuine connections
63: Diane Helbig on how to Succeed without Selling
62: Reuben Swartz on MEGA Positioning, your Secret Superpower
61: Alan Weiss on Million Dollar Consulting
60: Doug Brown on common sales mistakes
59: Bob Burg on how to be a Go-Giver
58: Reuben Swartz on what I’ve learned this decade, I mean year
57: Angelique Rewers on how to sell to corporate clients (without proposals)
56: Ellen Melko Moore on building a Super Tight brand on LinkedIn
55: Russell Thackeray doesn’t realize sales is supposed to be hard
54: David Priemer talks about how to Sell the Way You Buy
53: Chalmers Brothers on Language and the Pursuit of Happiness
52: Mike Capuzzi on using short, helpful books to market Main Street Businesses
51: Stacey Brown Randall on getting referrals without asking
50: Michael Greenberg on how consultants can use podcasts for sales and marketing
49: Damian Thompson on sales mistakes small business owners make
48: Amos Schwartzfarb on how to sell more, faster
47: Tukan Das on getting your first customers and why you have to sell yourself
46: Reuben Swartz (hey that’s me) on what I’ve learned this decade
45: Meg Cumby on effective client testimonials
44: John Livesay (again) on better selling through storytelling
43: Oscar Trimboli on Deep Listening
42: Aaron Ross returns again for an updated view on From Impossible to Inevitable (Predictable Revenue
41: Laura Briggs on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the busy small business owner
40: Steve Benson on Successful Sales Meetings
39: Sean McCool on the W.O.R.D. copywriting method
38: Liston Witherill on growing Beyond Referrals
37: Rick Middlemass on Sales Psychology
36: Craig Elias on Trigger Event Selling, the right types of words, and more…
35: Joy Beatty on Engineering the Sales Process
34: Terry Hansen on preventing objections in the sales process
33: Vanessa Van Edwards on the Science of Succeeding with People
32: Michael Zipursky on the Elite Consulting Mind
31: Rusty Shelton on Authority Marketing and Writing a Book
30: David A. Fields on creating an irresistible consulting practice
29: Stella Orange on authentic marketing
28: Maurice Cherry escapes dystopia, starts a firm, and offers content marketing tips
27: Justin Foster goes from ranching to sales to spiritual branding.
26: Chris Wike isn’t allowed to sell the way most people do, but he has a killer networking strategy that you should immediately copy.
25: Christina Bell accidentally learns to sell, starts training sales reps, and shares her philosophy of sales as a sorting exercise.
24: Bryan Payne learns to sell in elementary school, gets kicked out of school, starts several companies, and runs 12 Iron Man triathlons.
23: Rohan Kale escapes the grind (and worse), learns German, starts a company, and travels the world
22: Laura Roeder on starting 3 businesses
21: Michael Katz on being a likeable expert
20: Aaron Ross on going From Impossible to Inevitable
19: Brennan Dunn on sales without selling and the benefits of a classical education
18: Ben Seigel on website planning.
17: Anil Dash on bus-proofing your sales.
16: Maura Thomas on managing your attention.
15: Jill Konrath on how to sell more in less time.
14: Marylou Tyler on Predictable Revenue and Predictable Prospecting (coming from a systems engineer).
13: Reuben Swartz on how to price.
12: Caleb Sidel on picking a technical niche and selling without selling.
11: Brian Spross on what you need to know about legal stuff.
10: Scott Ingram on going from network engineering to Sales Success.
9: Matthew Pollard on learning how to sell as an introvert.
8: Erik Luhrs on using positioning to create an emotional connection with prospects.
7: Ash Maurya on how you can use “lean startup” techniques to lower risk and increase sales.
6: “The Pitch Whisperer”, John Livesay, on how to craft (and deliver) a compelling pitch.
5: Master Sommelier June Rodil on wine, customer service, delegation, and more.
4: Joe Williamson with a killer trick for pricing new offerings and more.
3: Adam Boyd on why engineers have an advantage learning sales process.
2: Jason Cohen on selling as a tech person against larger companies (Part 2)
1: Jason Cohen on selling as a tech person against larger companies (Part 1)

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