Episode 13: How to Price

Few things cause as much anxiety as pricing. I get a lot of questions about this, so I decided to do an experimental episode just to delve into this topic.
We go into:
  • Why pricing is important.
  • Why it’s easier to underprice than overprice (and what that means for your pricing now).
  • What better pricing can do for your business and your life.
  • The high and low bounds of pricing.
  • How to get closer to the higher bound.
  • How to present price in the sales process.
  • How to negotiate.
  • How to move from hourly to fixed-fee pricing.

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Oban 14

Since I was just by myself, a glass of whisky means that I didn’t have to worry about saving the rest of the bottle– that stuff keeps.

Oban 14 has a nice taste, milder than the peatier malts I usually prefer, but with a little honey and vanilla to make it interesting.



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