062 Reuben Swartz on MEGA Positioning, your secret superpower

Reuben Swartz, Host and Chief Nerd

Hi, I’m back with another solo episode, because I’ve spent so much time recently talking with people about positioning that I wanted to do an episode on it.

So many people struggle with sales and marketing, because they have created a high degree of difficulty for themselves by not taking advantage of positioning.

In this episode learn how:

  • To focus your messaging on your ideal clients
  • How to overcome FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when you narrow your niche
  • “MEGA” Positioning, the world’s cheesiest marketing pneumonic:
    • Magnetic (and what people get wrong about it)
    • Easy (because this is the dial you use to make sales and marketing easier or harder)
    • Gorilla (how to make yourself the 800 pound gorilla of your market)
    • Authentic (you’ve got to be true to yourself)
  • How to create your Superhero Name and tell your Origin StoryHow to use “The Bar Test” to check your messaging and make sure it resonates
  • Why strong positioning with a narrower nice leads to more leads, not less
  • How to develop your positioning when you get “stuck”

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The Wine

Chateau Satarney Pinot Noir from Burgandy, 2015. Yum.


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